Current and Recent Assignments

Prospect Identification for Internet Network Overlay Start-Up

Served as Market Development Advisor for a European-based start-up launching a novel, software-based internet network overlay system to significantly enhance quality of OTT video transmission. Able to rapidly identify major qualified prospect concerns in several European markets, and initiate introductory presentations and partnership discussions.

Brand Positioning for Consortium of Research-Intensive Universities

Served as Market Development Advisor to leading European consortium of research-intensive universities. Developed and executed internal survey of all member university decision makers and their communication teams. First steps toward the development of a more focussed positioning and internal and external communication program.

Video content distribution start-up for developing markets

Served as Market Development Advisor to a Silicon-Valley based start-up in the video distribution sector for developing markets. Initiated partnerships with major players in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

Business development and customer aquisition for video content discovery

For a global leader in the video content discovery / personalized recommendation engine sector: business development and customer acquisition in Germany and other European markets.

Business development and customer acquisition for natural language voice control system

For the leading German developer of natural language voice control systems:  business development and customer acquisition in Europe and with global video infrastructure partners.

Market development advisor for open standard digital right management consortium

Market development advisor to the founding partners of a global leader in open standard digital rights management.

European business development for mobile advertising platform

European business development and other partnership activities for a Silicon Valley start-up in the field of privacy-driven mobile marketing and advertising platforms.

Chief Marketing Officer for Silicon Valley contextual learning start-up

Chief Marketing Officer for a Palo Alto-based start up in the field of context-based knowledge and learning systems for education and other sectors.

Start-up in Social Gifting sector

Berlin-based start-up in the field of “social gifting”. Company assets successfully sold to a Silicon Valley private investor.

Business development smart TV Application Framework

Business development in Germany and other European markets for a Netherlands-based leader in application frameworks for hybrid TV’s and other video distribution platforms.

Business development SEO/CRO

Business development in Germany for a Berlin-based start-up in the search engine and conversion optimization sector (SEO/CRO).

Customer acquisition for Programmatic Advertising start-up

Customer acquisition for a UK-based start-up in the field of in-ad and in-image programmatic advertising and real time ad buying (RTB).

Market development for international expansion of e-publishing firm

Market development for a Milano, Italy based firm operating in the e-publishing sector.

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