Business development and customer aquisition

Building on over 40 years of sales experience across a broad range of business sectors and geographic markets, Mr. Wiley has acquired an extensive pool of contacts that he can effectively use in support of his client’s business development programs. His work in consumer products markets, but also in new media and technology, give him a vast scope of senior management relationships he can bring to bear for a broad range of companies and organizations wanting to grow their customer base in Europe, the USA and other parts of the world.

Market Development

Frequently, companies and industry organizations want to build a profile for standards and concepts across a range of geographies. This requires building and maintaining a presence and reputation with a range of parties in industry, government and the media. Having direct management experience across many product and service categories, Mr. Wiley is often called on to represent his clients in these contexts, through speaking engagements and other participations at industry conferences, trade fairs, media events and other forums.

Marketing and Communication Strategy and Execution

Having served as the Deputy Marketing Director with one of the largest subsidiaries of one of the world’s leading consumer products groups, Mr. Wiley also directed marketing and communication activities for one of the world’s leaders in employment services. He also led the development of positioning and marketing strategies and programs for several firms in the new media sector. He continues to bring this experience to bear for several start-ups in the education, advertising and social media sectors.

Turnaround & Interim Management

Having successfully turned around operations in one of the largest European markets of a leading international advertising and media concern, Mr. Wiley’s experience can be deployed in distressed situations requiring major change and in advance of identifying and securing permanent new management.

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